Conversation “Weaving Experiences and Creating Networks”.

20 de November de 2020

One of the biggest challenges that have been established in recent times is oriented to new ventures, which aim to promote and weave experiences with a social objective. The conversation “Weaving Experiences & Creating Networks” allowed us to share, discuss, learn and show the path of 3 guests who through their stories and anecdotes have achieved a positive impact through reading, art and librarianship.

Iván Triana, Juanita Casallas and Jaime Fajardo achieve through interdisciplinarity and from their daily activities, generate a change mainly in children and young people from learning environments, then we tell you a little about them and their valuable work:

Iván Triana is a Librarian from the Universidad de la Salle with training in leadership and social entrepreneurship and CEO & Co-Founder of the Biblioseo Foundation, this character does a great social work with his project “The Library of Creativity” which aims to enrich the mental poverty of children and young people, also thinks of helping them to form a future enriched by learning, creativity and innovation guided in a social sense.

Continuing along the same line, another of our guests is Juanita Casallas who works as a creative, cultural manager and promoter of reading, through the Libraries and Information Units makes a valuable contribution from the design and implementation of projects with emphasis on arts and literature in a playful and dynamic way.

Last but not least, we have Jaime Fajardo, a professional clown with literary studies at the National University of Colombia, with a path full of experience in conducting workshops and theater and clown productions focused on Culture of Peace and Conflict Resolution in communities at risk.

It was incredible to listen to each one’s anecdotes and understand how their family, social and educational context influences the collaborative process they have built from their passions and creative initiatives. Both Ivan, Juanita and Jaime share a similar thought, the challenges and challenges they have had to face in their lives and more in their social projects show us 3 people willing to make a difference in society, to leave a significant mark on the youngest beings of this country from librarianship, literature and the arts.

This space that OpenSky Information wanted to share with its followers and allies was designed to encourage reflective thinking about interdisciplinarity as a support for community work and education as an initiative for social transformation for the country, if you are part of that group of people who want to leave learning and experiences, in order to think about a better future; I invite you to know in detail the experiences of Ivan Triana, Juanita Casallas and Jaime Fajardo.

If you set your mind to it, you can change the world yourself!

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