Development and customization of e-learning ecosystems for a unique educational experience

Transform the way of teaching and learning with our e-learning solution

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At OpenSky Information, we are experts in installation, configuration, development and customization of e-learning ecosystems.

We solve your biggest concerns:


Technological complexity

We take care of the entire technical process, facilitating the configuration and implementation of your e-learning platform so that you can focus on what really matters: education.

Lack of customization

We create customized solutions that adapt to your specific needs. We design a unique and flexible educational experience so that you can offer relevant and engaging content to your students.


Lack of sources

With our team of experts, you don't have to worry about a lack of internal resources. We provide you with full support in the development and maintenance of your e-learning ecosystem, freeing up your workload.

Poor user experience

Our intuitive and friendly designs guarantee an exceptional user experience. We improve the usability of your e-learning platform, increasing the satisfaction of both students and teachers.


Need for educational innovation

We help you adopt new educational methodologies, implementing innovative functionalities and interactive tools in your e-learning platform. You will be at the forefront of education.

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